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Sprinkler, Water Mist and Dry/Wet Riser Servicing


Barlow’s have recently Acquired a specialist team to allow in house Sprinkler servicing, water mist servicing, Dry/Wet Riser servicing all aspects of sprinkler installation and modification’s. Our team has almost 15 years’ experience in this industry and we anticipating the department to quickly grow with demand.

Wet risers: Protection for multi-storey buildings
Operating nationally, Barlows provides installation (including calculation of pumps and tanks), servicing, maintenance and certification of wet riser systems in accordance with BS9990:2006. Wet riser systems are a vital piece of fire protection equipment for buildings over 60 metres high. In case of a fire, they give the fire brigade essential access to water.

Our directly-employed service engineers carry out the necessary checks and flow tests, in line with the British Standards, to ensure the wet riser system is in full working condition and ready for use on a regular basis.

Dry risers: Essential access to water
Barlows can help you meet your legal requirements by designing, installing, servicing and maintaining risers and underground hydrants for new and existing buildings. Our specialist team can deliver a bespoke system based on your specific requirements and ensure for all risers to deliver water to each floor.

Dry risers are vertical mains fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable positions, with outlet valves on each floor and inlets fitted at ground level, enabling the fire brigade to connect to the water supply. Our team of directly-employed engineers are located across the UK and carry all of the necessary pumping and testing equipment on their vehicles to keep you fully compliant to the latest standards.

Sprinklers: Minimising damage, maximising safety
Barlows has a specialist sprinkler team who provide a full, professional fire sprinkler service including the design, installation and maintenance of commercial and domestic sprinkler systems. Sprinklers are low-maintenance, efficient and effective safety devices that can contain fire, minimising damage to stock and property, and keeping your people safe. Fitting them in your premises can significantly reduce insurance premiums. In fact, in areas of particular risk, some properties must have them to qualify for insurance.

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