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Foundation Friday | Epilepsy Society, Purple Friday


For our third Foundation Friday event of the year, we supported Epilepsy Society’s Purple Day. Purple day is a time to get people talking about epilepsy, raise awareness of the condition and raise vital funds. Money raised by the team was donated to the Epilepsy Society. We managed to raise over £200 for this amazing cause!

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the brain and nervous system. It is a common and dangerous condition. Seizures begin in the brain and can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as a person’s anatomy, a structural change in the brain, or other underlying conditions. There are over 40 different forms of seizures, and not all of them are physical, making epilepsy a disorder that can go unnoticed.

The Epilepsy Society is the leading provider of epilepsy services in the United Kingdom.
Their dream is for anyone affected by epilepsy to live a full life. They want anyone with epilepsy to have the greatest shot of living a full life, free of seizures as much as possible. They work with everyone affected by epilepsy in the UK through cutting-edge research, awareness campaigns, information services, and expert treatment. Their epilepsy specialists and nursing homes not only offer advanced care for people with epilepsy on-site and across the UK, but they are also pioneering groundbreaking studies into the genetic causes of epilepsy.

More information about epilepsy here.

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