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Barlows Welcome the 2023 Cohort of Apprentices


Following on from our apprenticeship open days, our latest cohort of successful applicants started their Barlows journey earlier this month!

We are excited to watch these young people develop over the next 3-4 years and become the next generation of Barlows Electricians.

The First Week

Our enthusiastic apprentices embarked on their Barlows journey with their inaugural week at Clifford College. This carefully designed initiation period equipped them with essential knowledge, setting the stage for their on-site experience with our skilled Electricians in the subsequent weeks. They received their official Barlows uniforms, signifying their membership in our team, while also undergoing a comprehensive induction program that covered vital health and safety protocols as well as some basic skills required on site.

On Site

After completing their engaging induction week, our apprentices were paired with experienced engineers, marking the moment when their apprenticeship truly began. Heading onto live construction sites, they started their Barlows journey, immersing themselves in the world of electrical work. This hands-on experience is not just a significant aspect but the very essence of the Barlows apprenticeship, shaping our future experts in the field.

Their Journey

We understand that learning is a continuous journey, and as such, we offer a wealth of ongoing support and advancement opportunities. Our apprentices have access to mentors, managers, advanced training , and the chance to work on diverse projects, honing their skills and broadening their horizons. We take immense pride in watching our apprentices evolve into skilled professionals, and we're excited to see where their journey with Barlows will take them.

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