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International Women’s Day 2024


Barlows is embracing International Women's Day 2024 with a unique celebration this year. We reached out to all our female employees, asking them to share stories of the women who've inspired them. Whether it's a figure whose courage has left a mark on history, a mother whose love and wisdom have been a guiding light, or a teacher who has kindled a passion for learning, we wanted to hear about the inspirational women in their lives.

Join us as we celebrate International Women's Day by highlighting these incredible stories. It's an opportunity to honor the achievements, the influence, and the spirit of women who inspire us every day. Let's come together to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of women in our lives and across the globe.

Isha Turner’s Pick for International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, I’m shining a light on Dolly Alderton, author of Everything I Know About Love. Alderton’s honest and humorous take on life’s ups and downs has inspired me to embrace my journey with all its imperfections. Her reflections and narratives have allowed me to become more accepting of my current stage in life, recognizing the beauty in the here and now.

Alderton’s courage to share her truth encourages us to accept and love our own stories, wherever we might be in our lives.

Here’s to the inspirational power of storytelling. Happy International Women’s Day!

-Isha Turner

Ruth Salmon’s Pick for International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, I’m moved to share a powerful moment from my career that speaks volumes about courage and the essence of womanhood.

I once cared for a remarkable 14-year-old facing life-threatening health challenges due to polio and spina bifida. In a conversation that I’ll never forget, she expressed a profound wish: “I want to be remembered as a woman, not a child, it’s the thing I’m most proud of.” Her words and bravery during such a challenging time have stayed with me.

Attending her funeral, I was reminded of her phenomenal courage. She wanted to be seen and remembered for the strength she carried, a reminder to us all of the resilience and dignity that defines womanhood.

This International Women’s Day, let's honor the legacy of such brave souls. Their strength is a guiding light, inspiring us to recognise and celebrate the powerful essence of being a woman.

-Ruth Salmon

Lauren Griffith's Pick for International Women’s Day

In a field where men typically lead, my sister Rachel shines as a source of motivation and strength. Her journey to becoming a gas engineer was set a pathway for me and many others. Watching her break through gender barriers inspired me to do the same in construction. Rachel proved that trade careers are for anyone, inspiring confidence in me and challenging outdated stereotypes. Her success spurred my own venture into construction, showing that with dedication, perseverance, and inspiring role models, women can excel in any field they set their minds to.

- Lauren Griffiths

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