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Supply Chain School Gold Award 2024


As we all strive to make a positive impact by improving carbon footprints. Here at Barlows (UK) Ltd. We’re not just committed to sustainability; we’re passionate about making real, measurable changes. And it’s with immense pride that we share a milestone achievement in our journey: securing the Supply Chain School Gold Status.

Securing this Gold Status lights the way toward an even brighter, greener future. It reaffirms our commitment to sustainable practices and bolsters our motivation to keep pushing forward. We're profoundly thankful to our dedicated team, and especially to Ellie Scott & Richard Morris, whose contributions have been instrumental in reaching this milestone.


Embracing the Challenge

Understanding that every action counts, we zeroed in on one of our biggest environmental impacts: our fleet’s carbon emissions. It’s no small task to tackle, but we were ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We knew that every mile driven cleaner is a victory for our planet.

Central to this mission has been our focus on reducing CO2 emissions generated by our fleet, a significant challenge but one we were determined to overcome.

Innovation at the Wheel

Cutting-edge technology has taken us to the next level. The Samsara fleet system has been a game-changer, allowing us to dive deep into our fleet operations. We’ve optimized routes, ensuring our drivers take the most efficient paths. We’ve dialled in speeds and curbed harsh braking, all while bolstering driver awareness around fuel consumption and eco-friendly practices.

We haven’t stopped there. We also introduced new Toyota Corolla Derived vans equipped with self-charging technology and 5th Generation Hybrid Engines, setting new standards in fuel efficiency and emission reduction.

This accolade is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our innovative efforts to minimize our carbon footprint. It signifies not just the hard work of our dedicated team but also the successful impact of our initiatives, particularly in revolutionizing our fleet operations with cutting-edge technology and introducing vehicles that set new standards in eco-friendliness. Achieving this status fills us with immense pride and marks a pivotal milestone in our ongoing journey towards a greener future.

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